International Education Experience Through Co-Learning Partnerships

The Cultural Exchange Institute provides international education experiences in a variety of academic areas to higher education students in the United States and Costa Rica and builds sustainable programs through co-learning partnerships with students, educators, practicioners and local community groups.

CEI is committed to a mutually sustainable organizational model benefitting the surrounding community where international and local students participate in a practical and respectful learning environment promoting cross-cultural knowledge exchange.

Classes are designed to help students develop relationships and exchange knowledge over topics of importance to both the U.S. and Costa Rica, with students from both countries are taught together by teams that include a teacher who is teacher fluent in each language. The institute is led by education director Daisy Stevens Rojas, a native of the U.S., and Geiner Rojas Acuna, a native of Costa Rica. Faculty from universities in both Costa Rica and the U.S. offer courses in topics that include international relations, commerce, microenterprise, Latin American studies and green energy design.